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Bio of Balázs Karafiath


Balázs László Karafiath is an entrepreneur, communication expert, and evolutionary media sociologist.

Karafiath is the founder of Darwin’s Marketing Evolution, a firm that successfully incorporates the theory of memetics into marketing practice. Darwin’s has been based in Budapest since 2003. Karafiath has been fascinated with memetics for over ten years and is in the process of completing his PhD dissertation on the subject.His
theory is that, when dealing with the huge data sphere interlocking with volumes of human interaction, we create a new hybrid evolving entity that shows the distinct signs of a complex system: this “memescape” is a living being, evolving, changing and surprising us with emerging properties.

Karafiath was a 2006 Yale World Fellow at Yale University. He has ten years of university teaching expeience and now teaches at the MOME Theoretical Institute in Budapest. He has designed an introductory course in the field of Emergence which covers evolutionary theory, networkology, the science of memes, studies of human
cooperation, and internetology. He has coined the term “Evolutionary Media Sociology” to refer to this complex field.

In 1997, he founded Carnation, Inc., a start-up internet consulting and marketing company. Carnation now ranks second in the Hungarian market, with revenues consistently over $10 million. He regularly is asked to speak about the network economy and the information society. His articles are published in the Hungarian press and he had his own show on Tilos Radio, Budapest’s best known “pirate”/community radio for 7 years.

Balazs co-founded East Europe’s biggest week-long music and arts festival (Sziget) at the age of 21.