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My name is Bal√°zs, pronounced as Lazlo in the US. I was a Yale World Fellow last year now I divide my time between San Francisco, New York, my hometown Budapest, Hungary and my village: Szentantalfa

My research interest tags are covering three territories, the networked economy, the study and practical use of memetics and online politics.

I have been interested in computers since 1982, when I hacked a BASIC program on a ZX Spectrum. I initiated one of the first BBS based virtual community in Hungary in 1994, the first planned webcommunity in 1998. I am teaching a class since 2002 on how companies can face up to strategic decisions in the business environment created by technological change.

My interest in memetics is about 10 years old now. I have a PhD dissertation draft on the subject and a company that successfully uses the theory of memetics in marketing practice. Now we are in the process of setting up Darwin’s California Inc, the daughter company of the Budapest based Darwin’s Marketing Evolution Kft.

In my view Hungary has to be cured from 4o years of systematic destruction of communities, social capital and trust in the public sphere. I am working on a political web2.0 platform that would help the wired community of a country, the netizens, to ignite social change on a mass scale in the real world, to leverage virtual communites to effect the political community IRL.