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What is BlueSpot Capable of?

All mobile users have the opportunity to reach a friend almost anywhere and anytime. However, apart from the traditional use of our phones, we have other opportunities as well to communicate with our environment. BlueSpot provides a new form of community communication for us.

We may send messages to unknown people who are near to another BlueSpot, as if we shouted from one location to another, e.g. from a coffee shop to a far away bus stop. In this case our message, like words, dies down. Similarly to a meeting where all participants may make their voice heard, anyone can read and respond to the messages circulating in the BlueSpot system through their mobile phones.

How does it Work?

At each BlueSpot location (bars, cofee shops, parks, junctions etc.) a device is installed, which is connected to all other devices. We can enter the BlueSpot system at any BlueSpot location through our mobile phones. That is, from a BlueSpot location we can send a message to any of the remaining 46 locations.

How can I Connect to a BlueSpot Point?

When you approach a BlueSpot location, the device, with your consent, sends a simple application to your mobile phone. It means that the programme will be installed only if you give your permission, and you can also leave the system at any time. If you leave the BlueSpot location, the system automatically stops functioning.

We made a bluebox prototype with solar cells for public outdoor places. Unfortunately it was to expensive that’s why we gave up this plan.

The BlueSpot system combined internet with Bluetooth technology.

The final Bluebox device. An ASUS WLAN HDD box with memory card and Bluetooth dongle.

The BlueSpot system lets users communicate with mobile users via the BlueSpot website. The online GUI is same than the mobile client’s.

During the 3 months of the experiment the system had more than a thousand users. We are working on the analysis of the database.

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Project coordination & concept:
András Kangyal

Adam Somlai-Fischer
Bengt Sjölén
Emergent City Action Group

Tamás Terray (iMind)
István Ráth (CJP)
Bengt Sjölén (AutomataSE)
Attila Wind (Cygnus)
Péter Szakál (Nextlab)

On sight installation work:
Tamás Szakál (Nextlab)
Balázs Molnár
Kristóf Kürti
Nikolett Máté
Attila Szentgyörgyi
Csaba Simon


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